About Us

A training academy was established in the United Kingdom – London with a license issued by Companies House No. 11126972 and registered in the UK Register of Learning Providers UKPRN.10066450 and has a certificate of quality in training from the UKTE No.C1540 Specializing in training and rehabilitation in the field of cosmetic and herbal medicine. Department of Medicinal Herbs: is the United Kingdom’s leading professional regulator of herbal practitioners. LACHM sets high standards for entry to the training profession. In 2016 the established an Accreditation Board to assure and maintain those high standards through independent assessment of courses leading to LACHM membership.

Our vision

Is to increase self confidence, sense of beauty, and quality of life providing a more youthful appearance


As LONDON ACADEMY is organized in a decentralized manner, one of its characteristics is that the accreditation of study programs is carried out by Accreditation Agencies, who in turn are accredited by the Accreditation Council of the Foundation for LONDON ACADEMY .

Who we are

It's time to dream big and discover your yourself

Our values not only drive our culture and how we work with clients, but also how we live our lives. We partner with our clients to achieve their goals and take care of inner beauty.

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